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3bd Assembly

1.Stage: Preparation of surface and 3bd material
As the raw material is ABS and interlocking system with channels is used there is no need any modification or floor correction for applications on rough surfaces up to 10%. It may be easily applicable on every kind of surfaces.

http://bydizayn.com/images/3bd.jpg2. Stage: Alignment to Wall
After dusting the surface on which application is made surface leader lines are defined so as to make application in regular geometry.
3. Stage: Preparation of coating of 3 bd material on surface.
First of all, silicon adapter (in chickpea sized) is applied to back surface or material in 5 points. Hot
Silicon is applied in 5 points (in chickpea sized) so as to adhere the material instantly and to dry silicon.
4. Stage: Making Floor

Application is terminated by dovetailing the channels at the edges of the plates into each other and to adhere them to wall by pressure technique.
5. Stage: Starting Usage
Material is used as soon as application is over as any remains, dusts, paints, sawdusts etc. have not been left.





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